Slade House – David Mitchell

A house that only appears once a decade to disappear some people – what’s not to like??

slade house.jpg

Its been a while since I read some David Mitchell. Probably Cloud Atlas was the last of his I read. Turns out I should have read The Bone Clocks to fully appreciate Slade House, as it apparently takes place in the same world. Having said that, I don’t think it takes away from the pleasure I got reading the book, as I wasn’t aware of what I was missing (if that makes sense).

Anyway, Slade House is a ghost story. A pair of twins occupy Slade House where they lure unsuspecting victims every 9 years in order to feed on them.  Its really well told and a joy to read. I doubt it will be hailed as one of David Mitchell’s best works, as it’s a bit different from his usual style, insomuch as its really not convoluted at all – just a straight forward clever ghost story.  It’s well told, clever, holds your attention, and I might be mistaken but seems to hint at more to come (although that might just be the ‘Bone Clocks’ connection).

I’d be disaapointed if I don’t read ten better books this year, but certainly enjoyed it.

Just a side note – I don’t normally get hard back books, so its been nice to have this and Kevin Barry’s Beatlebone in hardback format. They look very lovely on my shelf 🙂


Author: paumurp

I am a youth worker in Ireland. Easily pleased and slow to anger. I love to read, listen to music and to take photographs

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