Mainly reading, briefly reviewing

Been a while since my last review, and I’ve read a few books in that time. So, what follows are brief thoughts on each one.

The Republic of Thieves – Scott Lynchrepublic thieves

I like fantasy. Been reading it since the 80’s.  I really enjoyed ‘The Lies of Locke Lamora’, but one of the down sides of reading trilogys or series of books is the wait till the next episode. Republic of Thieves, while being very enjoyable, felt more like a bridge to the next book. It felt a bit more like a series of escapades, grouped around chapters filling us in some of the back story and setting us up for the next episode. The pace is brisk, and I love the humour, but was disappointed by how much the whole 5 week election seemed to be basically glossed over.

Girl on a Train – Paula Hawkinsgirl train

As an ex-commuter when I lived in the UK I was looking forward to a story based on a train, or that lent itself to the commuting experience. The main character is a commuter, but while relevant, that’s just a tool to bring her into contact with the other characters. Any similarities to my own commuting experience are small. The ones relating to the other passengers were familiar, but the happenings outside of the train mostly passed me by as I travelled with my head in a book.

The book itself is a treat. The characters are not the nicest people, and sympathy or dislike wanes and waxes as the story develops. I’m not going to reveal anything about the plot. Its a nice little murder mystery that most people will enjoy.

Elizabeth is Missing – Emma Healeyelizabeth missing

I felt sad most of the time reading this book. The effects of dementia are cruel, and that cruelty is shown to us page after page. There is humour and pathos, and sadness and joy in this book. It’s a missing person story, but not the one you think. The blurb on the back tells us that Elozabeth is missing, that Maud knows, but that due to her failing memory she can’t people to help her.

I really, really enjoyed this book. If Alzheimers is something somebody close to you is experiencing it might be a difficult read, or alternatively, it might be refreshing to recognise the frustrations, difficulties and fears you are feeling being expressed by a character on paper.

Mort – Terry Pratchett

Mort-coverTerry Pratchett was a genius. This is one of his many works of genius. Death takes on an apprentice. Other characters include death’s daugher, his aged butler a princess and a bumbling wizard. Just go find a copy and give yourself a treat

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I am a youth worker in Ireland. Easily pleased and slow to anger. I love to read, listen to music and to take photographs

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