The Kills – Richard House

Four books in one, read in two different chunks. A murder, a fraud, serial killers, missing persons, across different countries, on different continents. Its a sprawling novel with something for everyone.

the kills

The Kills by Richard House is a 1000+ page tome made up of 4 different books with connecting stories. Book Three, ‘The Kill’ apparently being the original story to which he added or extended to make into this novel. I began it during the summer while on holiday, but then left it down when I finished book two. I picked it back up last week to finish it.

Apparently its a more satisfying read in its digital format with a lot of added material that you can log on and access as you go along. Audio from different characters for example. I don’t own an e-reader so I’m not sure if it would have added to my enjoyment, I’m a bit old school still.

The story itself was enjoyable if slightly convoluted. As you might expect over 4 books, it moves about a bit.Ostensibly its the story of Richard Sutler who is contracted by a huge organisation to oversee work in Iraq. a thousand pages later we’ve covered industrial espionage, murder, terrorism, embezelment, serial killers, urban legend, a novel, a movie, a fugitive on the run and visited Italy, Syria, Cyprus and probably a bit more than that.

It mostly holds your attention, although I found some slow bits. As I had a few months between the first and second two books I didn’t always connect the dots the way I probably should have, but overall I enjoyed it without loving it. Its an ambitious work, and maybe its intended to be best enjoyed with the extra material.

Author: paumurp

I am a youth worker in Ireland. Easily pleased and slow to anger. I love to read, listen to music and to take photographs

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