First book of the year, but clearly won’t be the best

Keeping Up With The Kalishnikovs – Ross O’Carroll-Kelly (Paul Howard)
Not sure if it’s me or the books, but I found this episode in the trials and tribulations or ROCK a little bit stale.
Keeping up
I know there is meant to be an element of the absurd about ROCK, but the story lines in this one are a bit ridiculous at times. Worse than that, I just didn’t laugh much. I had one laugh out loud moment at a particular line, and a few in my head chuckles at some situations.
The satirical elements, especially Oisin sharing Rob The Builder stories with the Ugandan kidnappers, provided the funniest moments.
I’ve seen some of the Ross O’Carroll-Kelly Books in libraries (and the Oxfam second hand book shop in Shrewsbury) in England, but I’m not sure how well the humour travels. Also, If you haven’t read any Ross O’Carroll Kelly before, I’m not sure if its something you can jump straight into with the latest book.  He first appeared in the now defunct Sunday Tribune newspaper, and the first novel, ‘The Mis-education of Ross O’Carroll-Kelly’ appeared in 2000
The author has a wonderful sense of the absurdity of Irish society and captured the CelticTiger years brilliantly. I remain a steadfast fan of ROCK, and have my fingers crossed that this was just a blip. I recommend anyone new to ROCK hunts down some of the early books and read them. They are easily found in charity and second hand book shops.

Author: paumurp

I am a youth worker in Ireland. Easily pleased and slow to anger. I love to read, listen to music and to take photographs

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